The New Leaf Spa exclusive therapies


The New Leaf Spa Massage

The New Leaf Back, Neck and Shoulder massage is tailored to each individual with your preferences of pressure, areas of tension or simply relaxation.
Upgrade to a hot stone back massage for £8 extra 

Duration: 25 Minutes
Price: £32

The New Leaf Spa Full Body Massage

A rhythmic pressure massage that alleviates stress, eases aching muscles and revives the senses with this customised massage.
Duration: 55 minutes
Price: £56

The New Leaf Spa Hot Stone Body Massage

Small stones are placed on key energy points, whilst warmed oils are massaged into the body for maximum relaxation.
Duration: 55 Minutes
Price: £64

The New Leaf Spa Full Body Exfoliation

Aromatherapy salt and oil exfoliation is vigorously applied to the body to remove dead skin, release toxins from the body, improve circulation and the skins appearance. Once showered a body balm is applied to seal in moisture. The skin is left deeply cleansed and moisturised leaving it soft, radiant and hydrated.

Duration: 25 Minutes
Price: £33